Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago

A Pension Trust Fund of the City of Chicago

MEABF – Serving the people of Chicago for 100 years

MEABF is a defined benefit, single employer benefit plan that was established in 1921 by an act of the Illinois General Assembly to provide disability and retirement benefits to qualified employees of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Board of Education. 

Our sole purpose is to pay earned benefits to our members, which is funded by a combination of member contributions, taxes levied by the City of Chicago, and investment earnings from Plan reserves. MEABF is a component unit of the City of Chicago, and as such, is included in the City of Chicago’s financial statements as a pension trust fund.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide benefits for our members by providing excellent customer service to our members and preserving the fiscal integrity and financial stability of the Fund. 

Who We Serve

We Serve Employers. As defined in the Pension Code, the Employers include: 


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Both MEABF members and retirees are people that took care of Chicago. We provide access and information to the resources and questions that makes life easy for you.

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Stay informed about what benefits you have as a member and how to navigate everything.

Retirees & Survivors

We provide all the resources and information you need to make retirement enjoyable.

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