Retirees: FAQs

Is the Fund protected or insured by any other entity?

The MEABF pays out benefits consistent with the Illinois Pension Code.  Unlike private defined benefit pension plans insured by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp., there is no entity that insures the MEABF’s ability to make benefit payments.  The MEABF’s sole sources of funds to make benefit payments are (i) employee contributions; (ii) employer contributions and (iii) investment returns.

I need another copy of my 1099R tax form, how can I get one?

Call the Annuitant Services Department at 312-236-4700, extension 7394 to request one.

How do I change my Federal/State tax withholding amount?

Fill out a Federal Income Tax Withholding Preference Certificate and mail or fax it in to our office, or you can call us and we will mail or fax you a form. If you want to change your State withholding, contact Northern Trust Company at 312-557-9700.

Can you send a verification of my pension to another person or company such as a bank or mortgage company?
Fill out an Authorization to Release Information to a Third Party form (provided by the requestor) and mail or fax it in, or call our office and we will mail or fax you a form.
How can I get a verification letter of the pension that I receive?

Call the Annuitant Services Department at 312-236-4700, extension 7394 to request a verification letter.

I want to sign up for direct deposit or I need to change my bank information for my direct deposit, what do I do?

Fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization form and mail or fax it in, or call our office and we will mail or fax you a form.

How do I notify the Fund that my address has changed?

Fill out a Change of Address form or a signed direction letter and mail or fax it in to our office. If you are enrolled in our group health insurance, Blue Cross/Blue Shield will also receive the updated information.

I usually receive my monthly check on the 1st of the month and it's past the 1st, I have not received it yet, how can I get a replacement?

Checks are not considered lost until 7 business days after their mailing date. After such time you would call our office and report your check lost. We would place a stop payment on your check and send you out an affidavit to be completed before a new check could be issued. Please note once a stop is placed on your check it is NO LONGER CASHABLE and you may incur charges if you attempt to cash it.

I receive my monthly payment through the regular mail. When are the checks mailed?

Retirement checks are mailed at least 4 to 5 days before the first business day of the month, which is the payable date. The Fund strongly encourages that you consider having your payment directly deposited to your bank account, to avoid losing your check in the mail. To begin the process just fill out a Direct Deposit Authorization form and mail or fax it in, or call our office and we will mail or fax you a form.

I have my monthly payment sent to my bank account electronically. When is it available in my account?

If you signed up for direct deposit, your monthly benefit is deposited into your account the first business day of every month. A business day is Monday through Friday, not including bank holidays. The MEABF Calendar shows the dates monthly benefits are deposited to your account.

When I call, why do you ask for my Social Security Number?

For general questions, we don’t need your Social Security Number. However, if you are asking questions specific to your payment such as what was deducted from your check, we need your SSN to properly identify your record.

What type of pension fund is MEABF?

The Municipal Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Chicago (MEABF) is a governmental defined benefit plan established under Illinois State law to provide annuity benefits for certain municipal employees of the City of Chicago and career service employees of the Chicago Board of Education. The Fund is a qualified 401(a) plan under the Internal Revenue Code.

Thinking About Retiring?

The annuity calculator allows you to enter data to calculate an unofficial projection of your estimated Municipal Employees' Annuity and Benefit Fund (MEABF) retirement benefit.

Have You Returned to Work or Are You Considering Returning to Work?

Annuitants currently collecting a pension from the MEABF may not return to work for an employer who contributes to the MEABF in any capacity.Please contact the Fund's Annuitant Services team immediately if you have returned to work or if you have questions.