Board of Trustees

Verna R.. Thompson
Reshma Soni
Melissa Conyears-Ervin
Jeffrey J.. Johnson
Recording Secretary
Thomas J.. McMahon

Senior Staff

Dennis White
Executive Director
Stacey M.. Ruffolo
Deputy Executive Director
Steve Yoon
Investment Officer
Sandra Shelby
Kimberly Carroll
Benefits Manager
Donna Hansen
Office Manager
Freedom Of Information Act

Board Minutes

Meeting Date
Meeting Description
February 28, 2020 
Regualr Board Meeting 
February 20, 2020 
Regualr Board Meeting 
January 16, 2020 
Regualr Board Meeting 

All meetings begin at 9 AM unless otherwise posted in Agenda.
Board Meetings Are Held At The Office Of The Fund, located at:
321 North Clark Street, Suite 700, Chicago, IL 60654  Click here for directions